Connect Group FAQ

Q: How often will the groups meet?

A: Once a week


Q: How many people will there be in a group?

A: We are aiming for 6 to 12 people per group


Q: How long is a typical group meeting?

A: 2 hours


Q: If I choose to join, what is expected of me?

A: Sign Up, Show Up, Be Authentic


Q: How do I know what group would be a good fit for me?

A: See what groups seem interesting to you and then talk to the leader


Q: Once I join a group, am I stuck?

A: Absolutely not. The purpose of CONNECT is to get you in an environment where you are encouraged to grow in all aspects of life. If a specific group is not a good fit for you, talk to your CONNECT leader or one of the Elders so we can get you plugged into another group.


Q: When does sign up start?

A: Beginning of December


Q: How long will the groups run?

A: The groups will run on a 10 week trimester system. There will be a Fall, Winter and Spring trimester.